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Tesla launches first showroom in the UAE

Tesla launches first showroom in the UAE

Tesla are diving into the UAE head first, jumping ahead of the steps already taken by other car manufacturers. With the official launch of the Tesla showroom it really does signal to the rest of the market that ‘THE UAE IS OPEN FOR EV BUSINESS’. The market has well and truly kickstarted!

The spectacular new showroom and service centre was opened by Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Director for New Markets EMEA at Tesla. An audience of 200+ enjoyed the vast new space which covers around 1500sq metres of ground and has a bright and fresh feel to it. What used to be the city’s main Porsche car showroom is now a futuristic home for Tesla.

So what exactly does this mean for the UAE region?

A boom in choice of Electric Vehicles

The available electric cars on the market will more than double, as currently the only electric vehicle widely promoted in the UAE is the Renault Zoe. With Tesla’s launch, bringing the Tesla Model S and X, the total number of EVs rises to 3. The launch of Tesla will pave a comfortable path for other manufacturers to bring their EVs to the UAE too. In fact there are already plans for BMW, Nissan, and GM to roll out their fully electric vehicles this year which will help grow the consumer choice of electric vehicles to around 6. Add the Jaguar I-Pace (which is sure to be a car fan favourite) and that’s a strong 7 fully electric vehicles which could be on offer before the year is out.

Try before you buy

The showroom will give prospective customers a first hand opportunity to fully understand and experience this new technology; distilling, we believe, confidence and excitement in our electric mobility future.

Ongoing support after purchase

We know that the Tesla range are cutting edge and provide a dream like driving experience that rarely ever breakdown or needs maintenance, (a key point for EVs in general). However, car owners are used to having the support of a garage nearby, and so by Tesla bringing their service station to the UAE this support will allow owners to buy and drive carefree from breakdown.

Electric in the land of oil

It’s the first all electric vehicle showroom in this oil rich region, and the UAE are embracing every moment, with the RTA buying 200 Teslas for their taxis before the showroom even launched. This welcoming with open hands of Tesla in this region is significant as it sends out a strong message to the rest of the world about our inevitable electric and clean technology future.

The UAE will meet EV Targets

The UAE recently set targets to have 1% of all government vehicles electric by 2020 and 10% by 2030. An even more ambitious target was set to make 25% of Dubai transport autonomous by 2030. First hand access to Tesla via this showroom is sure to drive things forward and inspire other fleets to go electric too!

Dubai today, Muscat tomorrow?

We can assume that with the success of Dubai there will be many more showrooms coming soon across the Middle East. We will now be keeping an eye out for announcements of where the next showrooms might be… Abu Dhabi? Muscat? Riyadh? The excitement mounts, this is only just the beginning!

More photos and videos of the Tesla showroom launch can be found here

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