Join Our Electric Adventure!

We had an incredible group of Road-Trippers join our Electric Vehicle Road Trip Middle East! From EV experts and sustainability specialists to adventure seakers who were open and willing to learn! Thank you to everyone who joined our traveling community, you made the trip truly unique!

Stay tuned for how you can join us on our next road trip, and read below to see what the adventure entails!

Experience a range of electric vehicle technology

You’ll have the opportunity to drive, charge, and enjoy the cars as a passenger. We learn best through real life experiences, so we know that once you’ve truly put the cars to the test, especially on a long-distance road trip, will you then fully understand the capabilities of this innovative technology and the future of our transport systems! You will have the opportunity to experience the full range of cars we use on the trip so that you gain a broad understanding of vehicles on offer in the Middle East market. 

Explore the wild open roads of the UAE and Oman

Like with any road trip we’re off to have an adventure! We’ll be driving through impressive cities and serene open desert, taking in this region’s natural beauty from the dazzling heights of Jebel Jais mountain range to the shallows of the blissful beaches of Fujairah and Sohar. 

Building a unique community

Our road trips create great bonds through people who share such a unique experience; learning about electric vehicles and having an exciting adventure. In the early stages of any new technology it’s important to learn and share with others, and never alone, and by creating a community around our experience we can better share our knowledge with the world.

What will you do?


across the UAE and Oman in electric vehicles, taking in turn to drive and be a passenger. Being fully emersed in the drive you will learn in detail how electric vehicles work, their incredible capabilities, and the ease of this new way of driving.


the cars along the way, using a network of GreenParking charging stations, and learn about every aspect of the cars’ technology.


sights of sustainability interest along the way. Stay in hotels along the route and enjoy outdoor and relaxtion activities in between driving, taking in the best sights the UAE and Oman has to offer.


the e-Mobility Showcasing Day at The Sustainable City, Dubai where you can share your experience of the road trip as well as further your learning on electric vehicles. Find out more about the day here.

What do you need to join?

• A valid drivers license for international use

• Advised to have personal travel insurance 

• An open mind, excitement for the future and sense of adventure!

What is included in my ticket?

• A seat in the car and opportunity to drive

• Car insurance

• Charging of the cars

• Stays in 4* & 5* hotels throughout the trip

• Breakfast every morning

• Visits to sites of sustainability interest

• Transport Some recreational activities

• Transport (car or mini bus) from Oman to the UAE, or UAE to Oman (if you are doing one stage only)